Photography is defined as the process or art of producing images of objects on sensitized surfaces by the chemical action of light.

Here at Lafayette Hill Studios, we take pride in bringing this simple definition to life. Our top-notch photographers not only bring an immense amount of passion to the studio and to our customers, but they also arrive with an enormous set of skills that have been developed, improved, and modernized over our twenty plus years of business. Our employees only bring their absolute best to all types of events.

In addition, we also have adapted to the latest technologically of the 21st century.  Included in our set of upgrades is cameras, lights, flashes, and green-screen technology. Our cameras are the epitome of modernization, for we make use the most recent and innovative cameras, which allow us to only produce your images in high-definition. At LHS, we are extremely proud to be one step ahead and always looking to improve in order to keep our many customers happy.

Over the course of our years at the studio, we have photographed hundreds of weddingsmitzvahsengagements, and more. Our photographers are extremely flexible and willing to meet all of your needs for manageable prices. We are here to create a story through images, and nothing is more important to us than capturing your perfect moment and making it last forever. Because of our passion and our successes, we ask you to take part in the Lafayette Hill Studios experience and allow us to capture your most important moments in ways that have never been done before.