Experience, Professionalism, and Quality

Lafayette Hill Studios is a unique Photography and Video studio specializing in capturing life's biggest moments for personal and professional purposes.

In life, there are moments that pass us by, and there are moments that take our breath away. Our goal at Lafayette Hill Studios is to preserve those moments, making them last forever. In business since 1988, Lafayette Hill Studios has gone above and beyond to make every event something to treasure forever. The passion, dedication, and commitment that is in each of our employees ensures an exceptional and trusted product. Guaranteed.

Ben-Headshot-new-croppedBen Yoblick

Benjamin Yoblick – Studio Owner/Cinematographer


Benjamin grew up at Lafayette Hill Studios, Literally. His father Sid, who founded the business, taught Ben the value of finding and supporting the best talent. Ben spent years studying music and film and worked as an assistant, cinematographer, editor, producer, artist, and now the owner of LHS. 

Ben has one foot in the classic and one foot in the fresh and he believes there is no limit to the positive impact quality video and photography can do when produced with talent and passion.

Paul Csihas

Paul Csihas – Senior Photographer

Paul heads the Photography Department here at LHS.  Paul is a valued member of the LHS team and works extremely hard to make every job and image as amazing as it can be.

Inspired by the pulitzer prize awarded AP Photographer, Bill Atkins.  Paul has been passionate about photography ever since he was 17 years old. He has been a member of the LHS family since 2000 and has been capturing that “wow factor” in every photo ever since. Throughout his life, Paul has worked as a photojournalist with the Times Herald and been an active member of Professional Photographers of America. 

His passion and dedication to capture the story of your event so that his clients can always relive their special day every time they look at their images. 

Danielle Durie

Danielle Durie - Senior Photographer & Marketing Manager

Danielle began her professional photography career almost 20 years ago and began shooting weddings in 2000.  She has been a member of the LHS family since 2006. Danielle is an Antonelli graduate and has perfected her craft under many of our area’s greats. 

Danielle’s goal is to highlight the uniqueness that makes each event, person, couple or place it’s very own! With a focus more towards the lifestyle and photojournalistic approach and following wherever those moments lead.  Today she runs our marketing and is working to relaunch our wedding photography end of the business with a fresh update. 

In addition to her experience as an established photographer, she is also a wife and a mother to two awesome little humans. 


Andrew Moyer

Andrew Moyer - Senior Video Editor

Andrew got his B.S. degree in Digital Film and Video Production from the A.I. of Philadelphia. He loves his job as the media and traffic manager of the video department but is also one of our best event and corporate editors. 

 He excels at keeping all the footage and editing projects organized and his editing skills have helped many clients to keep coming back. He started as an intern and is now a leader.

 Andrew is Father to a Bearded Dragon and a Tarantula.  The bearded Dragon can visit the studio but the Tarantula must stay home. 

 The fun, family like atmosphere of Lafayette Hill Studios is a perfect fit.

Myranda Yoblick

Myranda Yoblick - Albums Manager & Transfer Specialist

Myranda heads our Album Department.  Overseeing the designing and production of all the albums we produce here at LHS.  In addition to managing the album production she also produces all the transfers that come into the studio. 

Brooke Bragg

Brooke Bragg - Project Manager, Photo Editor & Photographer  

Brooke joined the LHS team in late 2016. She manages all photography editing production.  She is also one of our valued photographers and photo editors. Brooke is a 2012 photography graduate from Antonelli Institute. 

Since starting with LHS Brooke has constantly been trying to perfect her skills, all with a baby on her hip. Her sweet baby boy loves coming to work with his mommy and Brooke couldn’t be more pleased with the atmosphere at work. From coworkers who have gone from just that, to friends and some even like family. Brooke knows she’s right where she needs to be.

She loves to be behind the scenes and gets satisfaction when she watches a job transform into art. There’s nothing better then seeing the final piece complete! When Brooke photographs the job herself she can not wait to get into the studio and see what she got! From beginning to end Brooke takes pride in what she does and loves to see the studio thrive! 

Gina Proietto

Gina Proietto - Photographer & Photo Editor 



Michelle Smith - Senior Photographer

Michelle has been a member of the LHS family since 2012. She has photographed weddings and events for over 10 years. Self taught, she crafted her skills from a number of talented photography mentors with different specialties such as photojournalism, editorial, fashion and, lighting. Michelle stays on top of the latest industry trends and styles while adding her creativity and unique vision to every shoot. Michelle‘s strength is her ability to get clients to relax and be comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. To fully appreciate Michelle’s passion and energy one must experience it.

Jabar Williams

Jabar Williams - Editor


Jabar edits with skill, style, and wisdom. He always makes the deadlines with room to breathe.

Jamie Kassa

Jamie Kassa - Photographer & Editor







001 Sid001 Sid

Sid Yoblick- 



Marilyn Yoblick

Marilyn Yoblick - Office Administrator

Marilyn is an original founding member of LHS  and she is exhausted.

Seriously, Marilyn started her job here is 1988 and is thrilled to still be here.  She mans the front desk and the phones these days and keeps the clients happy. Sales and Clients are her specialty. 

She has a BA in Television and film from Temple University. Marilyn has been a part of the theater and film community in Philadelphia for over 30 years.  Again, she is exhausted. You can see her on the big screen in 5 movies and on the stage where she acts, directs   and teaches. She gives a shout out to her co-workers.  They are truly a family here at LHS even down to the babies that come to work (I mean real babies). The atmosphere at LHS is one of warmth, good friends and family and of course professional conduct.