Eli's Bar Mitzvah

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Lafayette Hill Studios' photographers, Paul and Michelle, had the honor of documenting Eli's Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Or. The event was a joyous celebration, with All Around Entertainment and MC RJ providing the entertainment, and Let's Party with Valerie managing the decor.


Mazel Tov Eli! We had such a great time celebrating with you over the weekend! 

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Maya's Bat Mitzvah

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Paul Csi, from Lafayette Hill Studiosrecently photographed Maya's Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Rodeph Shalom (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Wow, what an amazing Bat Mitzvah for Maya! The day was absolutely packed with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

Congratulations Maya! We were thrilled to be apart of your special day!


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Evan's Bar Mitzvah Westin Hotel Mt Laurel, NJ

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Get ready for the excitement! Lafayette Hill Studios had the thrilling opportunity of photographing Evan's Bar Mitzvah at the luxurious Westing Hotel in Mt Laurel, NJ! A massive shout-out to Ken and Carrie for giving us the privilege to freeze this extraordinary moment in time. Cheers to Evan, Mazel Tov! The party was electrifying, all thanks to MC Hollywood and DJ Caution. The blend of fabulous food, top-notch entertainment, and delightful company transformed the day into an absolutely unforgettable experience!


Congratulations Evan! We had a great time celebrating with you and your family!

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Spring Wedding Excitement

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At LHS Weddings, spring weddings hold a unique appeal that is truly captivating. The spring season breathes new life into the world, and this rejuvenating atmosphere is something we're particularly drawn to. Every year, we can't wait to capture your special day set against this vibrant backdrop. Spring weddings carry an irresistible allure. The outdoor setting, bathed in the gentle warmth of the spring weather, provides the perfect ambiance. The meticulously crafted wedding and bridesmaid dresses exude an air of sophistication and elegance. The blossoming flowers, rich in color, create a visually stunning spectacle that enhances the entire occasion. We're not just excited, we're prepared to seize all of these mesmerizing moments!

LHS Weddings is a team of professionals devoted to capturing the magic of your wedding day through exquisite photography and stunning videography. The LHS team is dedicated to providing a reliable product that each couple can trust.

In life, there are moments that pass us by, and there are moments that take our breath away. LHS Weddings preserves these moments, making them last forever.

The vision of their studio is to fulfill the balance between thoroughly capturing every moment of your day artistically and letting you enjoy the magic of your wonderful day stress free.

LHS Weddings provides flexible wedding photography and videography packages granting you full rights to your photos.

Contact LHS Weddings and they would be glad to talk through options with you, or meet at the studio to talk with their cinematographers and photographers!

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Gavi's Bat Mitzvah at Maggio's Restaurant Bar & Ballroom

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Paul Csi, from Lafayette Hill Studiosrecently photographed Gavi's Bat Mitzvah at Maggio's Restaurant Bar & Ballroom.  

We want to extend our hearty congratulations to Gavi once again! The Bat Mitzvah was filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments, making it a truly wonderful day. The event took place at the popular Maggio's Restaurant Bar & Ballroom - a venue known for its classy ambiance and delicious cuisine. Adding to the lively atmosphere was the top-notch entertainment provided by EBE Talent - Bar/Bat Mitzvahs with MC Sonny ensuring that everyone had a great time. The combination of fantastic food, entertainment, and company made it an unforgettable day.


Congratulations Gavi! We had a great time celebrating with you and your family!