Website Promo video:

30-90 seconds. Great for you website. Easily shared to Facebook. Please CLICK HERE to see a sample of this type of video.  This would give a great visual of your business and what it's all about!  Ingredients: Description from team leader of services, value, and unique elements of business. Supported with visuals of location, products, services. Text, graphics and music added. Animations, drone shots, and specialty shots can be added.



Step by Step Promo Video:

4-7 minute walk thru the process of a full service your business does. Great for contractors. Build trust for the very important high skill level job. CLICK HERE to see a sample of this. Ingredients: Video coverage of each step of the process edited seamlessly together. Supported with visuals of location, products, services. Text, graphics and music added. Animations, drone shots, and specialty shots can be added.



Website Business Bio:

60 second clip of business owner sharing who they are, why they are in business, and their services. This will be supported by text and music. B-Roll can be added. Please CLICK HERE to see a sample. $800-$1200

*Add Teleprompter $500

Film a Fitness class:

You can post it for free viewing. $2,000. Or another level would be to produce a video which can be sold Via DVD or On Demand.


Create a Network:

Create, host, and distribute a series of videos. We would create (if you don't already have) a Youtube channel for you. This would link to your Website, Facebook and Instagram. We would create 8-10 short 30 second videos for you. These would be brief strong points about your business and community. It might show a service you do, be a piece of knowledge from your field, or highlight a product you like. You would become a source of knowledge for your community. These videos could include animations, conversations, or how to videos. Being there in the conversation with your community puts you in a position that is helpful, trust building, and front and center. The best part is if your videos link and are tagged properly (which we will set up), you website SEO will skyrocket! Large amounts of shared content ids the best way to rise in Google. Of course the products you share about, will share your content as well. This is the next level for a business like your which is so full of great information.



-12 Video releases over three months.

Usually one video release a week.


-Each 30 second Video will be diverse in how they are framed. Some will be:

How to video: Sample

Promos of a particular product or service: Sample

Animation: Sample

Conversations with the experts: Sample

Blog: Sample

Photo slideshows: Sample


-The subject of the videos will also be diverse. Some will be:

Values of your company

Product or service descriptions

Affiliate products

How to videos

Expert information in your field

-The videos will link to: Which will skyrocket you SEO!

Your website



Affiliate products

You would become a trusted source of knowledge within your community and market. They will know who to reach out to when they want what you offer!

The process is easy:

  1. Pick your frames: (2) Animations, (3) Interviews/conversations with experts, (3) Product descriptions, (2) affiliates, (2) how to videos.

  2. Plan the content for each frame

  3. Schedule the shoot

  4. We edit the videos, post them, tag them, and link them.

  5. Watch your SEO skyrocket, likes on Facebook, and inquiries and clients!   

  6. Huge potential for viral exposure to grow your brand!